Category: Tips and Tricks in the Kitchen

herb garden

Growing Your Own Herbs

Growing your own herbs means having great flavor right at your finger tips, whenever you want it. Years ago I discovered that I not only enjoyed gardening, but that it allowed me to have a lot of produce on hand that I would not frequently buy at the grocery store for a number of reasons.

how to grill perfect burgers

How to Grill Perfectly Flat Burgers

Most of us have dealt with the swollen, puffy burger off the grill. This happens when the burger swells while cooking. But, your burgers don’t need to look like an over-inflated tire. There is a little trick that most restaurant chefs use when making burgers that will ensure flat burger patties and avoid the dreaded

grilled steak

Grilling the Perfect Steak

For years I struggled grilling steak. It’s not that I couldn’t do it, but I had a tough time getting them just perfect. So much so that my wife, about 5 years ago, told me that my steaks weren’t very good. It was at that point I begin my search for the perfect method to

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