Category: Saucy Sauces


Citrus Dill Vinaigrette

Summer is a great time for vinaigrette. But, stop spending crazy amounts of money on store bought dressing that contains a lot more than just oil, vinegar and spices. This citrus vinaigrette is a great option for a range of dishes from salads and marinades to an added ingredient in dishes. The bright citrus flavor


Homemade Red Hot Sauce

A mild to medium red hot sauce full of flavor that beats any store bought sauce consisting only of peppers, salt and vinegar. This sauce is a flavor combination virtually exploding with spicy, sweet goodness you just can’t buy in the store. And sharing this hot sauce with your friends is sure to leave you


Apricot Salsa

Salsa is wonderful. There are literally hundreds of variations you can create when making salsa. Just go browse your grocery store salsa section for proof. You are likely to find black bean salsa, corn salsa, fruit salsa, plain salsa and more. This particular salsa combines the heat of hot sauce, the sweetness of apricots and

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