About Us

About Us

Eric from Eric in the KitchenWelcome to Eric in the Kitchen – An Experiment in Cooking! My name is Eric Brown, owner of EB Arts Creative Industries (a media and content company). This is my space to enjoy the art of cooking and share my experiments with you.

I have absolutely no formal training in cooking…I went to school for art and design. But, I have enjoyed cooking since I was a child. Being a product of divorce and having grown up with my dad, I learned that cooking is important for everyone to learn, even men.

As a person who dislikes being confined by directions, though, I found experimenting with cooking was much more enjoyable than following recipes directly. So I began dabbling in cooking experiments using recipes as a spring board. Considering I was not following recipes exactly I decided that they were experiments (ie: What happens if I substitute this for that or add this to the dish?).

After a time I began to realize that I could develop kitchen experiments without the need for a recipe to work from. I started to understand how flavors worked together and built a desire to push some limits. Nearly every kitchen experiment on here is either a creation of mine or a modification on a staple dish. Some dishes have become standard meals in my own house, others are first-time experiments and a few are common offerings.

The goal here is to allow you to develop your own experiments based on your tastes and own curiosities.

So, browse, read and most importantly cook. We all need to eat and food is a lot more fun when you learn to play and experiment :) See you in the kitchen.

Experimenting in the Kitchen,

Eric Brown

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